The background to MaQual:

I started the MaQua part in 2008, just to have something to do, for a starter I was aiming for a short comic, that only would last for a month. I got stuck to the idea and fell in love with my own creation, unwilling to let it go. So Instead of a short period of a daily comic making I went for a weekly update. I mostly let it live because of one of my friends that cheers me on, without her it wouldn’t be any fun any more 🙂

One day back in 2011 I found the urge to make a new chapter in the comic part MaQua and make the story digital coloured instead of plain old black and white ink. And with the new looks I went and changed the name to MaQual.

And I still make the comic for myself and my friend, but when I hear other that likes it out there in the world, the fun in making this comic just gets bigger!

The comic is based on the mmorp game World of Warcraft and the characters are based on actual characters in game, beside from Sekila.
In MaQua the characters from alliance was on the European server Aerie Peak and the horde was and are still from The Maelstrom.

 In spring 2013 the comic was put on hold because of reasons.


The Main Characters

Maica the Paladin

Maica is one happy thing that loves to do stuff her way without thinking. She is the sister to Qualmë the Deathknight, which she herself have no problems with. She is also the love of Norto the Druid, who  tries to follow her and keep her safe (somehow). Maica is also the owner of Helmet the Helmet.

Qualmë the Deathknight

Qualmë is a grumpy female who tends to se her sister Maica the Paladin as her greatest rival in life (She do care about her sister, she just can’t show it openly). She is always with Sicil the Deathknight who seems to be the only one that can live so close to her grumpiness. Others just seems to ignore her.
Qualmë also got one big fear, Helmet the Helmet – which she got in MaQua when she found out that her sister’s helmet have a mind on its own.

Helmet the Helmet

Helmet is the helmet of Maica the Paladin. It go a mind of its own and is a thing that seems to like having fun. Helmet is also the one greatest fear of Qualmë the Deathknight, who is sister to its owner Maica.

 Skorpis the Druid skanna0081

The alliance, night elf druid Skorpis is one of a kind and
have a very special way of doing things – especially when
she wants them to go her way.

The filler crew:

Norto the Druid

Norto is an easily stressed and aggroed Tauren, beside from that he is related to both Sicil and Emanuella.


Sicil the Deathknight

Sicil is an easy going guy who keeps follow (or drag) Qualmë the Deathknight along. Sicil is also brother to Emanuella the Shadowpriest.


Emanuella the Shadowpriest

Emanuella, or Em that she also calls is the mother of Marcuz the Feraldruid and sister to Sicil the Deathknight. She is an outgoing crazy person who loves to see the bright sides of life. Beside from that she got one epic “Super Wand Toss” that can down any enemy that happens to come its way 😉

Marcuz the Feral druid

Marcuz is a feral tauren druid, and are also son to Emanuella the Shadowpriest. Not much is known about the boy yet, more then he is still young. 🙂


Horsie the mount

The mount, that can talk, and is named Horise is Maica the paladin’s.

The Master

Well… he is male, that’s for sure… he seems to be a raid leader with an different approach…

Sekila the Warlock

Sekila is the assistant of the Master.



Stonegnasher the Warrior

Stonegnasher, or Stone as he calls is a nice guy who like to help out… Yeah… Help out… 😛


This guy is just a angry thing….



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